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When Public Schools Fail: Call in the Parents

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I’ve been researching education for almost two decades now. I began this journey in an effort to provide my children with the best education available. Over the years, I’ve built up a small army of parents who look to me for information and guidance.

I have never received any compensation for this help because I always felt it’s just the right thing to do.

Parents have been frustrated in the past but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  Parents are more involved with their public schools than ever before. They know that they have many good teachers in the school so why are they struggling to keep their children enrolled? That’s a great question.

From my research, parents, in general, want their children to attend their local public school. But sometimes the academics are of poor quality, the lack of discipline causes chaos, the political agendas and bias are too prominent, or they want a partner in education, not someone to take over their parental role.

Home-schooling was fairly new, and a very small number of parents chose that option two decades ago. That has changed significantly. Parents are stepping in when school administrators fail their children.

When the schools shut down over COVID, parents went into action. They fought to reopen the schools but that fight caused many to seek a better education somewhere else. The schools that remained closed unleashed a small army of parents who continue to advocate for their children.  Parents want back in the game, and want a say in how their children will be educated.

Recently there was an article about dads who will now spend time in a Louisiana school after 23 students were arrested over violent acts. How did a school district get to the point where we are seeing more and more violence. One might want to begin a deep dive into the discipline policies, or lack of discipline. Whatever the case, these dads are showing school administrators that violence is not acceptable in their public school.

In Exeter/ SAU16 a group of parents decided to host a Christmas party for the freshman students. After a miserable year of remote learning, parents knew their kids needed to have some fun. This was the same district that took a fun event like the prom last spring and turned it into a national story of branding the unvaccinated, and other ridiculous measures that shouldn’t have happened at a prom.

Sadly, there are a few parents who are harassing the parents hosting this event.

These JOY-KILLERS are warning them that a student could die, even after the event planners made it clear that anyone can wear a mask and would have them available. That wasn’t good enough, these miserable people want to cancel the event so their children who will not be allowed to attend, will not feel bad.

HEY MISERABLE MOMs, quite trying to ruin the fun for these kids.

We’ve seen many of you out without a mask on even though you insist that all students wear them at school. I won’t post those pictures on this blog, but we’ve all seen you at public events. It’s hypocritical for you to insist that a child may die attending this dance while you and your children are running around unmasked at other public events.

Charter schools are popping up around New Hampshire from parents who know they can do a better job. Lionheart Classical Academy will be opening up next school year.

With a Hillsdale curriculum, this will be a massive improvement for the children who attend this knowledge-based Charter School. Lionheart will offer an academically rich curriculum versus the dumbed-down Common Core and Next Generation science offered in the public schools.

When schools fail, good parents are stepping up to the plate.

The only obstacles are the people who want to stop parents from providing a better education for their children. They must be some real miserable people to hang out with!  Can you imagine? How miserable you must be to try to deny a better school or even a fun event for children?

I will never give up the fight to improve public education in New Hampshire, but if there are schools that are failing the children in their care, you can bet I will also be there to support those parents too.

There is no good reason to force children to suffer. Yet that’s exactly what some of these people want for your children. It’s best to just look past them and continue the good work you are doing for your children and the others. Ignore the JOY-KILLERS, they don’t want to see anyone else succeed or be happy.