Vax Pox: Did Wikipedia Stop Listing "Dead Athletes" to Protect the "Safe and Effective" Narrative? - Granite Grok

Vax Pox: Did Wikipedia Stop Listing “Dead Athletes” to Protect the “Safe and Effective” Narrative?

Wikipedia hiding soccor death on the field

Professional athletes, soccer players, in particular, have been dropping dead in record numbers. We’ve been sharing lists and fishing for more but never checked Wikipedia. They were “keeping track,” but no longer. Is it because the approved narrative is getting uncomfortable.

Safe and Effective™ doesn’t like the look of this. Not one bit.

The list goes back to 1889, so someone wanted to secure the proper history. All of it. But it stops in mid-October 2021. That’s about the same time online interest in the growing number of collapsing athletes began to grow.

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Just a coincidence, I’m sure. /sarcasm

Here’s a screengrab of the 2021 players listed on Wikipedia ending October 15.


Pro Soccer players who died playing or after being removed form play


We’ve shared some of the missing casualties and others in other sports or non-professional athletes here, here, and here.

It’s sad, tragic, and preventable – but refusing The Jab™ is verboten, and a wide range of occupations are impacted, not the least of which is health care.

I know I said this before, but remember when health care was a right? That implies the ability to not only access it but in a manner relevant to your need.

That is increasingly unlikely as the people who claim to be fighting for that “right” take it away from you via other policy priorities, and there’s a lesson there if you are capable of learning it.

Democrats tell you you deserve something, take it over or regulate it into submission, which damages or destroys it, making the right impossible to attain for all but a few.

“Democrats*” destroy everything they touch, and not that includes professional athletes.


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*Democrats in this context refer to the global Left regardless of what they call themselves.