Ten Weeks into In-Person Schooling: Only 4 NH "Kids" Hospitalized* - No COVID19 Deaths. - Granite Grok

Ten Weeks into In-Person Schooling: Only 4 NH “Kids” Hospitalized* – No COVID19 Deaths.

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In early March 2020, New Hampshire began “tracking” COVID19 cases and outcomes. It’s been 20 months, and after all that time, we’ve observed some startling statistics.

Startling to those buying the company line. For you, this is all a surprise.

Exposing The Latest Fraud

Children are being lined up for a Jab they don’t need. Something that is statistically more dangerous to them than the Rona. And no, Delta has not been wreaking havoc on kids in NH.

In the ten weeks since School started – mostly in person and in many places with masks being optional, only 4 Granite Staters under the age of 20 have *tested positive for COVID19 in a hospital, and none have died. After 20 months, not one “child” has died in New Hampshire. Zero.

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NH Residents under 20, have, however, died from the vaccine. More than one, which makes the vaccine significantly more dangerous in just a few months, and yet the state and elected officials are promoting it for kids aged 5-11.

How many of them will have to die before it stops? What cover story will they come up with to hide the malfeasance? They must have one. Regardless of the rhetoric or reported case spikes, the likelihood of hospitalization or death after receiving a positive test in New Hampshire is incredibly low for everyone of working age.

Exposing the Orignal Fraud

After 20 months mortality rate for granite staters under 60 (that’s 83.7% of all reported positive cases and 82% of the state’s population) is 0.08%. The hospitalization rate for positive cases in this age group is 0.51%. That’s one-half of one percent.


NH COVID data 11-5-21


If you are under 40, the numbers are even better.

Residents aged 0-39 have a positive case hospitalization rate of just 0.2%, and their odds of surviving an infection are 99.98%. If you ever catch COVID19, 99.8% of you will never see the inside of a hospital, and 0.02% have a chance of dying with it, not necessarily from it.

And that’s without broad support for prophylaxis or treatments available since this started. AND despite aggressive campaigns against prevention or treatments that have been available since this all started.

The official, political, and national public health response have been a cataclysmic failure. Tens of thousands have died unnecessarily, and thousands more will die from COVID19 and the chosen cure. An inoculation that not only cannot prevent infection or spread but that exacerbates it.

It is the third act of the play (masks, distancing, The Jab), a global tragedy that continues without pause or remorse.

And now they’ve come for your kids.

Jabbing children will only kill them unnecessarily or, more likely, harm or handicap many for life. And nothing, not science, not even their own statistical reporting, appears capable of stopping them from selling this to unsuspecting parents.

So what’s the cure for that?