Rochester NH Has a Republican Mayor for First Time Since at Least 2005* - Granite Grok

Rochester NH Has a Republican Mayor for First Time Since at Least 2005*

Paul Callaghan

A lot of incumbent mayors won in New Hampshire. These are non-partisan races (cough-cough), but most of them are Democrats. Urban decline is the hallmark of Democrat rule, but Rochester, NH, is trying something else for a few years. They just elected a Republican Mayor.

Maybe they didn’t know?

I find that hard to believe. His opponent was a Palana Hunt-Hawkins. She was endorsed by groups like Rights & Democracy, another of those far-left community organizing sorts with the deceptive name. They support far-left conquest of your liberties and rights. It should be Loss of Rights via Mobocracy.

Hunt-Hawkins seems like a nice enough person, but her priorities are far left, and that was a bridge too far for Rochester, New Hampshire. At least this time.

Rochester is a “city” of roughly 31,000. I know, it’s a joke, but that’s the form of government they operate under (since 1891), not an indication of population. Of that 31,000, about 4000 eligible voters turned out. Again, kind of a joke but then off-year elections are like that almost everywhere.

It’s like Christians who show up at Church on Christmas or Easter. If 90% of whatever “is showing up,” we need 90% of ‘Republicans” to show up for every local election and maybe then we’d have fewer cities (states or a country) in decline.

Manchester is headed into that dumpster fire, and they reelected Democrat Joyce Craig because Republicans didn’t turn out and independents didn’t care or know better.

This brings me back to my earlier point. If they knew which part these people were in on a ballot, would they show up and move the needle or stay home and stream #woke garbage on Netflix?

The RNC went yard in Rochester to get butts to the polls.


  • Working hand in glove with the Callaghan campaign, the Republican National Committee made nearly 10,000 voter contacts in Rochester.
  • While Republicans have held a registration advantage over the past decade, Democrats took over in 2020 with more registered Democrats than Republicans.  However, over the past year, this trend is slowly returning in favor of Republicans.
  • Due to the 10-year verification in New Hampshire, Democrats lost over 61K voters from the voter rolls while Republicans only lost 55K voters.  In September of 2020, Democrats held a -2.1% advantage, while currently, their advantage is down to -1.2%.
  • There is increasing evidence that President Joe Biden is widely unpopular in New Hampshire.  From July 2021 to October, President Biden has slipped 16-points in his net job approval, going from +2% over the summer to currently -14% in net approval.
  • Meanwhile, Republicans are surging in New Hampshire, with voters more likely to support Republicans than Democrats and a majority of voters preferring a candidate who would be a check and balance on the Biden administration.


Did they do this in Manchester? I don’t know.

And that’s a bit more optimism than I’m willing to promote personally. While that may all be true, turnout was lousy just about everywhere. If all these things were so important, it should have been a lot better.

Take the win, sure, and we need to save these “cities” from Left-Wing creep, but you made 10,000 voter contacts, and you got  2,674 votes. Enough to beat the opponent, but I’ve seen email marketing campaigns with better ‘open’ rates.

In other words, it’s not enough, or it’s not the right “enough,” and we have less than a year to figure it out before the 2022 election is upon us.

On a positive note, the Democrats are flying the plane into a cliff. Even disinterested couch potatoes should be able to feel that.


*Have not been able to confirm when the laast Republican mayor was in Rochester, so if this is not correct please let me know.