"Official" US COVID "Vaccine" VAERS "Events" Breaks One Million - Granite Grok

“Official” US COVID “Vaccine” VAERS “Events” Breaks One Million


While the VAERS numbers for the mRNA COIVD19 inoculations are grossly undercounted, we still need to report this macabre milestone. Over one-million incidents connected to The Jab have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effects database.

VAERS reporting as of 11-12-2021


VAERS reporting as of 11-12-2021


Note that we passed a million a while back and I missed it (playing catch-up) but that total may include multiple negative effects for one individual.

If the same person was reported to have gone to the doctor and then reported as a hospital admission, you could get two events for one person. The same could hold for an admission followed by death.

Given the indifference of some medical professionals to make time to complete the reporting for every valid incident and those who just don’t (the afore-mentioned undercounting), we’ve no problem with the headline.

More than one million Americans have been harmed. A number greater than 30,010 have been permanently disabled by this treatment. And 18,853 is the lowest number of deaths of which we can know.

Too many in every category, and yet the push continues to inject this juice into children. To force workers to decide between working and this “vaccine.”

It’s a war crime, or should be. One with boosters!