New Required Eagle Scout Merit Badge is Dripping With #Woke - Granite Grok

New Required Eagle Scout Merit Badge is Dripping With #Woke

BSA reimagined by the Left

If you have not yet made the move, you can stick a fork in the BSA (now known as ‘Scouts’). They’re done. The newest required merit badge to achieve Eagle Scout is called “Citizenship in Society,” and it’s loaded with #Woke Left-Wing nonsense.

While the content that’s openly advertised to children remains rather tame, the content for the adults who’ll be guiding Scouts through the process reveals the radicalism of the ideologies of those who worked to make this a requirement for prospective Eagle Scouts. …

[T]he “All My Relations” podcast, which focuses on the Native American experience and features episodes titled “Decolonizing Sex,” “Celebrate Indigenous Peoples, Not Columbus,” and “Indigiqueer.” Flag folding is so last year. …

There’s also Learning for Justice’s “White Anti Racism: Living the Legacy” a transcription of a series of interviews that parrots the critical race theory talking points …

“Realize the meanings behind privilege, racism, and whiteness.” …


The Federalist reached out to the BSA for comment. You can read more about it here, but I think this nails that coffin shut.


“The merit badge does not advocate for a particular point of view, but rather encourages Scouts to learn about diversity and inclusion and ethical leadership through self-exploration, research and exercises with their merit badge counselor, parents and peers.”

They also added that “The ideals and values of diversity, equity and inclusion are core to who we are at BSA. ur values as stated in the Scout Oath and Scout Law encourage Scouts to respect the beliefs of others, to be kind and courteous, and to help other people at all times.”


There’s nothing in the CRT toolbox that has anything to do with respecting the beliefs of others, so the Scouts are pandering to the left, which is a bad idea they may be long past learning.

The Progressives do not want you to join them. They have institutions for that. They are called public education, college, the music industry, television, big tech, even many religious denominations. They don’t need you. They do need you out of their way.

You can’t bargain with them. There’s no appeasing them. You either take a stand or bend the knee. And now that you’ve shown them your ass, all that’s left is your inevitable and complete demise.

You could change up your leadership. Bring in a few folks who have a set. But then, that might unnerve the BSA’s Office of Diversity and Youth Development Office.

I doubt that will happen, so we’ll start the dirge and wave goodbye. It was nice knowing you. Someone else will have to take up the banner for boys and young men because you’ve handed it over to their enemy.