Narrative Fail: Colorado EO Prioritizes Emergency Care for "Vaccinated People" But Why Would They Need It? - Granite Grok

Narrative Fail: Colorado EO Prioritizes Emergency Care for “Vaccinated People” But Why Would They Need It?

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It’s all over the internet. Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed an executive order. It states that overwhelmed hospitals – up to their armpits in COVID patients – can prioritize care by sending the unvaccinated to the back of the health care bus. Wait, what?

The vaccinated take priority over the unvaccinated.


Does it? Say that? Not exactly. It prioritizes the vaccinated but authorizes care centers to work with state agencies to relocate patients “in need of emergency medical treatment: to other facilities. An unvaccinated COVID19 patient could, in theory, find themselves without access to care, so, big picture, yes, the potential is there, but that’s not even the story if you ask me.

On November 3, NBC News reported that “While the state has a nearly 80 percent partial vaccination rate, unvaccinated people with severe Covid-19 are overwhelming hospitals, many of which reported being over 90 percent capacity, according to Scott Bookman, Covid-19 incident commander for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.”

According to the experts, a state that is 80% “vaccinated” is getting overwhelmed.. That must be the New Normal™ they promised us when they started deployment.

Liberal Colorado, with its mask-mandates, and distancing, and majority vaccinated population, now says the hospitals are swamped. In the interest of “public health,” unvaccinated people can officially get pushed to the back of the bus so that doctors can treat the COVID patients whose vaccine was supposed to prevent them from having a severe illness.

But if the vaccine prevents severe illness and most of the sick folks overwhelming the hospitals are unvaccinated, why do hospitals need to prioritize treating the vaccinated who shouldn’t even be there and, according to experts, are least likely to need care?

And there’s no way the “unvaccinated” 20% are all sick or even a significant number of them. Few people under 60 get sick enough to need a hospital and would not at all but in rare instances, if prophylaxis was permitted or encouraged.

We are meant to believe another statistical improbability. That an army of unvaccinated comorbid COVID zombies is swarming to emergency care facilities. Even pre-vaccine this was unheard of and stories to the contrary were common.

Yes, people need the ER for things other than COVID but rarely, again, in large numbers at the same time absent some catastrophe and the one we know of is Progressive public health policy.

I feel confident that NBC and Colorado are lying about the vaccination status of the patients overwhelming the hospitals if they are not just also lying about all of it.

Public Health agencies have been lying about COVID for almost two years. They’re very good at it.

But even if true, this is still all backward.

All of it.

The narrative rules for the new normal admit begrudgingly that the vaccinated can carry the pathogen and spread it. But they have been clinging (bitterly) to the notion that if a vaccinated person gets COVID, the symptoms are mild.

This emergency order not only contradicts that, but it also tosses it on its head.

In the interest of public health, you say that people who should not get this sick deserve emergency medical treatment before the people who are “overrunning” the hospitals.

One more point. Does that include unvaccinated illegal aliens, of which Colorado has many – whom I expect are constantly overrunning emergency services in that state?

How about LGBTQ or POC? Are you turning them away, and does that make Gay Governor Polis a White Supremacist?

There are so many questions, so few believable answers.

Sorry, one more (one more): Yes, Colorado mandates vaccination for health care workers and yes, unvaccinated personnel would have to be let go creating, what’s the word, “overwhelmed” hospitals.