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Manchester Students are in Harms Way: The Buck Stops with Superintendent Goldhardt

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Children who attend city schools have every right to feel safe as any other child attending a public school. However, if you look at the Manchester police log, serious crimes are being reported at Parkside.

Manchester Parkside Police Log

There are three charges of Sexual Assault, five charges of pornography, five charges of assault, and other criminal activity. This is just within two months: September and October.

A teacher recently reported chaos in the hallways. Parents have said (to me) that girls now fear going to the bathroom due to gang-related activity and fighting. Without a safe environment, how does anyone expect children to learn?


Manchester Teacher letter cry for help


Joe Kelly Levasseur, who serves as a Manchester Alderman, posted the police report on his Facebook page and said, “I requested from MPD all service calls to Parkside since school started. This list backs up the teacher and makes Goldhardt look like the liar he is.”

The Manchester School District is a complete mess. That happens when you hire a Superintendent who has no idea how to lead a district to excellence.

When Superintendent Goldhardt signed on to Manchester Proud as a partner to help in the district, I knew they were in trouble. Manchester Proud is not focused on academic achievement or a safe school environment. They are community organizers focused on implementing failed national fads. If the Superintendent couldn’t see through their sales pitch, how can he possibly be trusted to run this school district?

Here are my concerns about Manchester Proud that I posted on social media back in 2019. Things have become much worse since the involvement of Manchester Proud in the district:

Manchester Proud has also come to the BOSC to advocate for joining the Council of Great City Schools (CGCS). During the discussion with some of the BOSC members about the $30,000.00 membership fee, Mr. Brensinger indicated that he would not consider the request by Manchester parents who want funding to go towards materials in the classroom. Instead he said this kind of significant expenditure should be used to pay a membership fee to CGCS. I understand this is an effort to design a strategic plan, but if that plan is going to revolve around unproven or disproven politically–contrived education reforms, rather than meeting the needs expressed by the parents, then this does not bode well.
CGCS is a political organization funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to “promote and coordinate successful implementation of the new common core standards in major urban public school systems nationwide ” The Gates Foundation lists CGCS as a partner on their web site.
Here is a list of grants awarded to CGCS by the Gates Foundation so that they could advance their political objective:
2008 $3,735,866
2010 $ 100,000
2011. $5,446,615
2013 $ 614,954
2013 $2,000,000
2015 $1,600,017
CGCS’s political objective has a clear bias which runs counter to what scores of parents said they wanted for their children in Manchester during the debate of the Manchester Academic Standards.

Manchester Proud, Superintendent Goldhardt, Mayor Joyce Craig, and the School Board members who have allowed this catastrophe to happen under their watch should never be in charge of a school district again.

The proficiency scores are tragic, the chaos ensues, and the money pouring down the toilet calls for new leadership. They need leadership that prioritizes literacy and a safe learning environment.

City parents and children should expect nothing less than what children in Bedford receive. That takes strong leadership that stops blaming the lack of dollars and prioritizes literacy in a safe school environment.