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Manchester Schools: At Their Breaking Point

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Parents, if you haven’t figured it out yet, the status quo in public education has no desire to improve the public schools. If you do not stand up and start demanding accountability from your elected representatives on the School Board, and the administrators hired to run your school district, it will get worse.

This desperate call for action by a Manchester teacher was posted on social media. The Manchester School District has been in need of strong leadership for years.

In order to take on the status quo, you need someone with the will to fix this mess. Money is spent on frivolous things like Critical Race Theory, and this mess is starting to boil over. Take a look at what one teacher posted on social media:


Manchester Teacher letter cry for help


Remember, Manchester Proud (Community Organizers) started with their agenda in 2018 to supposedly help the school district.

Manchester Proud Time line

What do you have to show for it?

They developed a strategic plan that offers your children NOTHING substantive in terms of elevating literacy in the core academic subjects. That’s because their agenda does not focus on academic achievement. Their focus is on implementing federal fads like Critical Race Theory.

In order to change this direction, you have to change the players. That means changing the people serving on your board, and  Mayor. They are failing your children.

When it comes time to vote, you have to replace the people who are currently holding these positions if they are not focused on academics.  Manchester does have additional challenges, but the one-size-fits-all reforms coming in from Washington D.C. through Manchester Proud and the administration does not work.

They need to go back to the basics:
1) A WELL Disciplined environment.
2) A FOCUS on academic excellence
3) The BASIC needs met in the classroom

Look at the disciplinary policies. If chaos is ensuing, and it sure looks like that is the case, how are they handling unruly, and disruptive students?

Manchester certainly has challenges that other districts may not face. But city parents should expect that their children are offered a disciplined school where the basics are taught. This is not too much to ask for.