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Live Free or Die? Just a Marketing Phrase Now?

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Greetings from Florida – where we have a REAL governor – NOT a Dictator!!!   YES. I read all about Fuhrer Sununu and his jack-booted Police State, er, State Police presence at the (infamous) October meeting, which I shared w/many folks around the country.

IMHO, & having lived in NH (for 26-1/2 yrs), NH cannot hold a candle to places like Texas, Arizona and, of course, Florida. Like many of the GOP US Congressional representatives, NH’s legislature is loaded w/RINOs.

After my surgery, and subsequent move south, my son Jim asked if I missed New Hampshire. “No, not at all. Oh, I’ll miss my (Conservative) friends, which goes with out saying, but not the political-side of the State. Here, in Florida, we have a real GOP governor; one who really cares for and STANDS for the PEOPLE.

My friends, I find it interesting that one doesn’t hear about RINOs in the FL legislature.

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So, I decided to once again subscribe to the local daily newspaper. Yes. Daily – that’s Sunday through Sat inclusive, unlike what the Union(ized) Leader turned into after the passing of ‘Nackie’ Loeb (may she and her hubby Rest in Peace).

In comparison: Florida vs. New Hampshire legislatures, Gov. DeSantis vs. Gov. Sununu [ugh!] – there is NO comparison. And the Nation – the USA – knows it.

For years I have been saying ‘when will the NH GOP start to band-together like the NH Democrats‘? (and you’re tired of hearing it – and I don’t blame you).

You have GraniteGrok pointing out the NH RINO situation continuously, but no one cares.

I suggest you start electing GOPers who are real GOPers (and NOT merely buddies, or neighbors, or friends).

Make certain they will FIGHT for YOUR RIGHTS, and go after the likes of a Gov. Sununu, who is just-another-RINO, just more dangerous!

Florida is much more than than I ever expected – POLITICALLY. Sure, the weather is nice but I didn’t move here for the weather. I moved here for the State & Local political weather (FYI: Charlotte County. is, from what I have been told, a Constitutional County. Hence, the political-atmosphere is to my liking.

Happy Thanksgiving, ALL!