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It’s Thanksgiving so Let’s Talk About – COVID19!

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As we stumble through the ongoing permanent crisis of flu season all year round, what better time to discuss how dangerous this thing is NOT to most Granite Staters than Thanksgiving.

Give thanks that the scaremongering and media hype are, mostly just that.

We’re almost through month 21 or permanent flu season, and I have the State’s latest numbers as of Nov 24, 2021. Like the rhetoric, noise, and outrage, not much has changed statistically. You are no more likely to be hospitalized or die from COVID today than you were when this started.

The odds are very low.


NH COVID data 11-24-21


If you are under 60, the odds of hospitalization are less than 0.5%, and if you are healthy and under 60, they are effectively zero.

The same is true for the death statistic. 99.92% of working-age residents will live to tell the tale, with only the obese and comorbid having serious concern of hospitalization or complications leading to death.

This is not medical advice it is mathematical advice.

Looking at overall demographics,


NH COVID data 11-24-21 Part 2


After 21 months of this so-called plague, only the 80+ age groups have managed to exceed one-half of one percent of their population being hospitalized, with 1.7% reported as dying with or from COVID19.

The next closest is 70+ at 0.44% hospitalized and 0.365% succumbing with or from COVID19.

The average life expectancy in the US is around 76 years of age. There is nothing to see here as 89% of the State has never even tested positive for COVID after almost two years, for which we should give thanks.

We should also remind people how little there is to fear and that the State, of all things, has the numbers that prove this.

And, of course, that given this reality and the fact that there are plenty of ways to treat or prevent infection or serious symptoms without risking the issues related to their “vaccine” any Jab mandate of any kind is an affront to liberty and bodily choice.

Now pass the pie and then drift peacefully off into a food coma.