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ICYMI – Law Enforcement Who Get Fired over Vax Mandate – Florida Is Hiring and No Mandate!

Ron DeSantis on Bidens Mandate and Florida being open

Governor Ron DeSantis has been talking about hiring out-of-state law enforcement officers for months. Thanks to the COVID-Karens and their recent mandates, they just made that opportunity look even better. But De Santis isn’t done yet.

Not only can you leave the defund-circus or Liberal cities that don’t have your back, but you could also benefit from a proposed 5,000.00 moving bonus if you come to work in Florida.


The Bonus is just an idea at the moment, but there’s already some incentive. No vaccine mandates. He’s not selling it that way, but you have to consider it. And not just LEOs. Anyone in an occupation being ripped apart by mandates – especially with no exemptions for faith or conscience – now might be the time to move to Florida.

And you can be vaccinated or get vaccinated, that’s your choice, but you don’t have to, and still keep your job.

One more point. You could come to New Hampshire, but our Governor – who is more than willing to tell private businesses what to do when it suits him and excuses it by saying public health trumps everything – refuses to protect your rights of conscience even if it cripples the health care sector in the state.

Or makes it uninviting to medical or law enforcement professionals.

He can’t make Law Enforcement get The Jab. We have a Law to prevent that, but he can ignore the law, and I’d bet money on it if a case came along.

Yes, I know. Sununu’s AG has joined other states (Like Florida)  in opposition to the Biden mandate but that’s on private businesses. Sununu can’t really lose by backing that. It makes him look like a hero when he’s still zero.

He opposes the Biden mandate but won’t step in to protect people from having to choose between a Jab and a Job even when it might make it harder to get health care in the state.

There does appear to be a need for stern-looking state troopers who like to arrest citizens that are minding their own business. That’s not an invitation. I’m just painting a little picture.

The New Hampshire state motto says one thing, but the Governor is saying something else and something else, and something else again.

They don’t seem to have that problem in Florida. Their position is that NO ONE SHOULD LOSE THEIR JOB BECAUSE OF THESE INJECTIONS.

Maybe we should all move to Florida.