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Coffee Politics: Does America Run on Dunkin’ or Is That Just the Northeast?

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I drink a lot of coffee, and I live in New England. I can’t drive more than a few minutes without seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts (rebranded now as Dunkin’).

I’m a fan of their regular coffee, so much so I buy ground and brew it at home. But there are others, and maybe you prefer the piss they sell at Starbucks.

Someone does. And I like Starbucks’ frozen drinks, but that’s not coffee. And Starbucks got uber #woke a decade back, so I’ve fewer reasons to go. But they are all over, and a lot of people like the pretentious atmosphere. They may even like the coffee.

An indication that we are nearing the apocalypse?

Maybe, maybe not, but someone mapped the prevalence of coffee franchises by county so we could see where their dominance lay.

Dunkin’ got the East Coast, Starbucks the West Coast. Everyone else in between, be like…whatever.


Map Source.


Maptitude mapping software map of largest coffee chain by county



Given the current economic swing that we are in – rapidly down as prices shoot rapidly up, combined with the systemic destruction of employment as a means to get by, the service industries are having trouble serving.

We have Dunkin’ locations that are drive-through only – not enough employees to unlock the doors and use the inside service and seating areas even though they are offering 15.00 an hour to start.

The lines are very long, so I have even less motivation to pay a few bucks for a cup I can make at home for pennies. But I drink a lot of coffee, at home, at work, right now,  and if you do, what is your preferred brand.

One of these chains, something local no one has heard of, or is there a special blend you buy that keeps you running?