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$500 Reward For Catching a Public School Staff Member Breaking This Law

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Moms for Liberty just issued a $500 reward for anyone who catches a school staff member violating the anti-discrimination law in New Hampshire. Parents are fed up with the political indoctrination and bias that has been forced upon their kids for years.

Parents will always support good quality professional teachers in the classroom. They know the value of a good teacher instructing children in the core academic content. However, we also understand that some teachers and staff want to push more political bias onto children. Critical Race Theory seems to be the last straw. Moms for Liberty in New Hampshire has taken this further to ensure that children receive a bias-free education in our public schools.

If you are a staff member doing your job without forcing a political worldview on students, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

If you are a staff member who thought you could take your political views and shove them down the throats of someone else’s child, think again. Not only will you be reported, but if you are violating the anti-discrimination law, you can lose your credentials.

Parents are fed up with this kind of indoctrination in their public schools. You do not get to force your worldview on someone else’s child.

Thank you to most teachers who show professionalism in the classroom and know that the public school is not a vehicle for indoctrinating someone else’s child. Parents will always support your efforts because they know how valuable you are to your students and families.

To those who push a political agenda in the classroom, parents will use every resource to counter that.  Right now, they are offering cash to expose your agenda.

I welcome the efforts from Moms for Liberty and every other parent group popping up around New Hampshire trying to bring our public schools back to an institution of learning focused on academic achievement. For those who want to continue to harm public schools by using them as an indoctrination center, game on. You will be met with resistance, and we will use every legal means at our disposal to fight back.

Go back to using your knowledge and skills to educate our children in the core academic content and make our public schools great again. Not only will this elevate the teaching profession, but it will also significantly improve the public schools in New Hampshire.

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