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VICTORY! – Merrimack School Board Votes To End Contract with Radical Organization

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Parents learned about the radical agenda that 2Revolutions has when it comes to their push for Critical Race Theory. If you recall, the 2Rev documents label parents as covert white supremacists if they hold certain views that are pretty mainstream.

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For instance, you are a covert white supremacist if you believe in a color-blind society, aka color blindness. If you educate your children via property taxes, you are a covert white supremacist. Well, that covers all white people in Merrimack. You can go down the list. It certainly identifies racists, but they also use racial profiling too. The anti-racists are racist. Go figure.

Merrimack residents looked at what 2Revolutions was hired to do in their district and realized that those tasks could easily be accomplished by those who work in the district. Not only did they reject this radical organization, but they also wanted some fiscal responsibility. They got what they asked for.

The Merrimack School Board voted 4-0 to end their contract with 2 Revolutions. Similar to what the Gilmanton school board members did, the board members listened. They looked at the organization, and they knew it was to the benefit of the district to end that contract. They showed what service looks like.

There are tasks that need to be accomplished, and residents knew these tasks could be performed without hiring a politically radical organization.

I suspect Merrimack administrators and board members will accomplish the tasks in front of them. How will the community respond once that is completed? Most likely, they will be pleased.

While some may have supported 2 Revolutions completing these tasks, many did not. Why would you move forward with an organization that divides the community in this way? Why wouldn’t you find a way to accomplish these tasks in a way that unifies support for what you seek to accomplish?

Merrimack is showing other districts that you can unify your community towards a worthwhile goal. They are finding a way to move a district forward without dividing the community. Maybe SAU16 can learn from Merrimack and Gilmanton. They listened to parents who objected and are now going to find a way to accomplish their goals without the one thing that was dividing the community: 2 Revolutions.