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Watch – Teacher to Parents : We’re Lying to You, A History Teacher’s Warning

History Teacher Angela Bittinger

History teacher Angela Bittinger certainly does not speak for all teachers or all public schools. But when she says, “If you trust your government, your history teacher did not do their job,” she brings up an excellent point.  I’ve heard from enough teachers in New Hampshire to know that the culture and climate has deteriorated, and parents need to take action.

In this video, Angela Bittinger informs parents what is going on in her district. It will be an eye-opener to many parents who watch, but it wasn’t for me. Why? Because I hear from teachers around New Hampshire and other states who are equally fed up.



Right now many parents are upset by what the union heads have been doing, but please do not mistaken the union representatives for the many good teachers in the classroom. The unions are helping to destroy the public schools because their politics keeps them from protecting teachers, by advocating for measures that would make public schools great again.

Bittinger talks about the bullying mentality that is directed at some of the teachers if they do not go along with persuasive measures to vaccinate the students in their class.

I’m sorry, but when did the teacher become an epidemiologist or any kind of medical expert?

I remember when teachers were trying to diagnose ADD and ADHD years ago until we finally said STOP.  They can certainly convey behaviors to a parent, but they are not medical experts and shouldn’t be pushing any kind of diagnosis.

The same is true for vaccines. I am not a medical expert, therefore I do not push vaccines one way or another. I do advocate for parents checking with medical experts and doing research on their own. Why would I ever step into a role that I’m not qualified for? And yet, that’s what many expect from their school staff and board members.


I’m not an anti-vaxxer, and I fully support parents making that decision for their children. But now I’m starting to see some push-back on vaccines because of the coercive measures like mandates. If you think vaccines are good then make a logical and factual case- then leave it up to those who make the decisions. Coercion and mandates have people wanting to push back. That seems counterproductive, if you believe they work.

We’ve put too much on teachers. You expect them to cover the academics, teach them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, prevent suicide, become the mask police, advocate for a vaccine they know little about, administer mental health assessments and treatment (SEL), teach them about sex, and everything else. It’s too much!

On the bright side, teachers who want to teach academics and want to do what they do best, are always welcome in private and parochial schools. It’s how these schools end up with amazing teachers.  Teachers may have to give up some of their salary and benefits, but they are oftentimes treated far better.  Parents in these schools develop a love for their teachers because they are leaving the political agenda out of the classroom, and educating future generations. In general, as the public schools self-destruct, the private and parochial schools thrive.

To those who say they support public education, you can only ignore this for so long. Parents are demanding to be heard, and taking their kids out of the public schools if you don’t listen. Just watch the standing ovation Bittinger receives at the end.

Note: To the teachers in New Hampshire, if you are bothered like this teacher from New York, and want to expose what is happening in your school, feel free to contact me at any time. I will keep your identity confidential and only share what you approve.


Social Studies teacher Angela Bittinger speaks at a Town Hall Meeting (Chautauqua County, NY), Sept. 30, 2021

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