Sau4 Newfound School District - School Board Meeting , Tuesday @ 6:30 PM - Granite Grok

Sau4 Newfound School District – School Board Meeting , Tuesday @ 6:30 PM

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I’ve been told the early bird gets the worm so you know me, always hungry and it’s early… LOL Trying to keep this on a lighter side.

I am putting this call out to you all. I/we need everyone one of you to come to this week’s SAU4 school board meeting at the high school at 6:30 on Tuesday and stand for the kids and parents Rights. Everyone of you need to convey to the school board the Parents have the authority when it comes to constricting their kids by wearing a mask, if kids get a vaccine or not, or any other medical procedure. Let them know this abuse must stop today and never happen again.

Take a stand now or forever lose your Parental Rights. Some of you may not have kids, or kids in the School District, but that does not matter. Take a stand for the kids today who will one day become Parents. I really want to call some of you out by name but won’t, to say, get off your b-hind and make a stand now or your Rights and the next generation’s Rights will be lost. Put your money where your mouth is and be at this school board meeting. The three, four or five of us cannot stand for everyone; it is you they must hear and see. They have heard our story many times, plus some of us are being censored.

We want to thank John Sellers for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
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Thanks, please show up and invite others, it is that important, now or never.

Note: Our school board allows anyone to speak (5 minutes max) even if you are not a registered voter and live outside our district, so come on out and join us and help the kids and save parental rights.