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Could this be What Makes Jab Mandates Irrelevant?

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And could Merck’s latest WuFlu / COVID solution be a game changer in that it will take away power hungry politician’s main claim of Power over the rest of us (i.e., take the Jab or be ostracized from Society)? Driving the totalitarianism that we are seeing from our politicians is the flogging of the FEAR of COVID that is 98% survivable.  “GET THE JAB” is the their cry and their willingness to turn the US into an apartheid nation – this time, not based on skin color but on whether you “have your papers” showing you’ve been vaccinated.  Without them, we’re seeing store after store, venue after venue, becoming off limits to a large percentage of our population.

All that’s missing are signs stating “colored non-vaccinated door there”. Yet, if the rest of us are vaccinated, we’re supposed to be immune now, right? Otherwise, why take the jab. And if masks were supposed to be the end all, be all, why such a rush to The Jab? But I’m digressing because I’m so sick of the Government’s horrible, contradictive, and circular nonsensical messaging. I gave them a break earlier on but there are no excuses for it now. Abstracted, reformatted, and emphasis mine

Merck’s new COVID therapeutic may be a gamechanger

How effective was the drug in trials? So effective that an independent panel looked at some preliminary data and told Merck there was no reason to see those trials through to completion. The pill was obviously working.

…It partnered with a firm called Ridgeback Biotherapeutics to develop an antiviral called molnupiravir. An antiviral to treat COVID already exists, of course: That’s remdesivir, which was authorized for emergency use many months ago. But remdesivir’s effect on the progression of the disease is modest and it needs to be administered by a medical tech via IV.

Molnupiravir is a pill. And its effect isn’t so modest.

“I think it will translate into many thousands of lives being saved worldwide, where there’s less access to monoclonal antibodies, and in this country, too,” said Dr. Robert Shafer, an infectious disease specialist and expert on antiviral therapy at Stanford University…For the research, the monitors looked at data through early August, when the study had enrolled 775 volunteers in the United States and overseas. For volunteers who received the drug, their risk of being hospitalized or dying fell 50 percent, without any concerning side effects, compared with those who received placebo pills, Merck said in a news release announcing the findings.

Seven percent of volunteers in the group that received the drug were hospitalized, and none of them died, compared with a 14 percent rate of hospitalization and death — including eight deaths — in the group that received the placebo.

The pill was offered in trials exclusively to unvaccinated people who’d already begun experiencing symptoms as many as five days earlier, giving the virus a considerable head start on generating a severe infection. Even so, no one who received the drug died. And it was effective against multiple variants, including Delta.

It’s Tamiflu for COVID, essentially — except it actually works.

…the new therapeutic involves a breakthrough as well. Instead of attacking viral proteins, molnupiravir scrambles the invader’s genes to stop it from replicating. In other words, it hacks the virus.

More at the link below. This would be cool – get sick, buy a box at your local CVS / Walgreen / Rite-Aid, take a couple of days off, and you’re good to go. If all this turns out to be true.


(H/T: Hot Air)