40% of TSA Agents Are Still Unvaccinated as Federal Deadline Looms - Granite Grok

40% of TSA Agents Are Still Unvaccinated as Federal Deadline Looms

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The first best thing America could do to “improve” transportation infrastructure is to rid itself, not just of useless Mayor Pete, but the entire Biden Administration. Port problems, delays, shortages, rising prices, and inflation. And now, the TSA is set to become the next logistical disaster. Roughly 40% are unvaccinated and could be terminated just days before Thanksgiving.


A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official said in an interview published on Wednesday that 40 percent of the TSA’s workforce remains unvaccinated ahead of a Nov. 22 deadline set by the Biden administration.

Speaking to CNN, TSA Administrator David Pekoske said he was “very hopeful” that his agency’s employees would meet the deadline, but said that “contingency plans” were in development in case some employees are unable to work who are not vaccinated in time.


If you can even fly, your holiday travel plans could be burning in a dumpster before the season even begins. Vaccine mandates, which are still illegal, could reduce staffing at every major transportation hub across the fruited plain. We already have delays, canceled flights, pilot walk-outs, and other foolishness. All instigated by F. Joe Biden and his COVID Legion of Doom.

The TSA is naturally pretending to be optimistic but the odds are not in their favor. Public employee unions are standing up to the mandates along with doctors and nurses, all of whom will get the boot if they continue to insist that they own their bodies. Neither the state nor their employer can command them to accept a chemical injection as a condition of employment.

Yes, there are “occupations” where vaccines are necessary and no one is saying that’s not the case. But this is not one of them. COVID19 continues to be a virus that 99% of people survive. Few, if any needing hospitalization unless they are already very old or very sick. More importantly, none of these vaccines prevents infection or spread, so requiring them as a condition of anything is simply absurd.

It needs to stop, not just because they are all still under Emergency Authorization Use and not enforceable under any circumstances, but because it is unethical and destructive to our way of life.