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Texas is Building Its Own Border Wall – Allocates One Billion Dollars For the Project

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There are rumors that the Bidenistas maybe removing or knocking down wall sections along the border with Mexico. I’ve not looked into that but let’s say it would not surprise me. Something I do know is real is this. Texas has set aside a billion dollars for a border wall.


Texas may award a massive contract to begin building a barrier that stretches along more than 700 miles of the state’s border with Mexico as early as this week, according to the office overseeing the project.

The Texas Facilities Commission, which oversees state contracts, said in a statement it anticipates awarding the border wall project with more than $1 billion in available funding by mid-September.


The new sections will be erected on private land for which they already have permission to work. This means that the federal government has no jurisdiction over the projects, and Texas can build as much border wall there as they please, and they do.


The state has identified 733 miles of border-front land where it can build, and the Texas National Guard will carry out the project. All of the land belongs to residents who agreed to let the state put up a barrier, which will allow Texas to avoid the lawsuits that held up the Trump administration’s efforts to seize private land for construction.


The Washington Examiner reports that there are 1,250 miles of land abutting Mexico, and only 150 miles of it has any sort of reasonable barrier to entry. Adding nearly 800 more miles will greatly improve the situation while aggravating the heck out of Democrats and the Bidenista’s.

I’m sure they are warming up lawsuits, but if the state has permission to build a wall on private land, what might the Feds be willing to do to hamper the progress? Anything they can imagine would be my guess, including intimidating property owners with IRS, BLM, ATF, FBI, EPA, or anyone else they can find.

Cutting federal money to Texas seems likely retribution. Maybe even refusing to let them have any Jab juice.

Yeah, that’s a joke.  The last thing the Feds want is a state full of people who’ve not been stabbed with a hypodermic full of “progress.”