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Liberty Council’s Vaccine Mandate Exemption “Guide”

Mat Staver Liberty Council

Liberty Counsel is a privately funded Christian ministry that has been on the front line defending churches pro bono against unconstitutional shutdowns by state and federal government. They have also developed a vaccine mandate exemption guide. includes several other online resources, as does I should note that their legal memo, which Mat Staver mentions in the video, is slightly out of date but still useful.

Written in May of 2021, it refers to Emergency Use Authorization, which still applies to the J&J, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines currently available. That exception would not apply to the Cominarty booster, which has FDA approval but is not widely available (we discussed the distinction here.)

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The memo does go on to cover other relevant topics, so we’ve linked to a local copy here. You can view their online version here. And Mat notes later in the video that numerous other state and federal legal protections prohibit forced vaccination.

The video is relatively dry, but outlines some steps people of faith can take to address the problem of being intimidated, coerced, or forced into accepting vaccination.

You can listen to Mat Staver explain about Liberty Council and what it is and does, but if you’d like to jump to the beginning of the exemption bits, hop to 3:45. It is basically a walk-through of the contents of the memo but it is a relatively short walk so it may be worth your time.