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Watch: Students Shout “No More Masks” Outside School Board Meeting

Orwell 1984 Two Minutes Mask Hate

Here’s a little unofficial polling for you—an overflow crowd of parents and students outside a school board meeting, shouting no more masks.

From Community Impact News.


In a meeting spanning nearly four hours, hundreds of area residents were in attendance representing both sides of the mask debate, carrying signs with slogans such as “Keep our neighbors safe” and “Pro medical freedom.” Even more residents stood outside once indoor capacity was met, chanting “No more masks.”


The board voted 7-3 for a temporary mask requirement for Elementary Schools that expires on Sept 12th. What’s that, four weeks to “stop the spread”?

The people outside were clearly in opposition to the idea.


(WKRN – Nashville) Although the meeting was well attended, only 30 people were allowed to speak publicly to the board.

Hundreds of parents who didn’t fit inside the auditorium stayed outside the board meeting shouting “no more masks” during a heated protest.


Of course, only a few people got to speak, but you can’t tell me they were unaware of the hecklers veto happening outside? I think they chose wrong!

Next Steps

The thing to do now is for everyone to send their kids to school without masks—a little civil disobedience. And you don’t have to be like those vile Leftists—no looting or arson.  Just refuse to comply with their stupid mandate. But almost all of you need to be on board.

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If they have to dismiss 70% or more of the students, there’s not much point in paying teachers or administrators to watch over an empty building.

It may also be a good time to consider homeschooling options as soon as you get done shouting, and keep up the good work. They didn’t listen this time but don’t give in or give up. They do, after all, work for you.