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NH Rep. Anne Copp (R) – Announces Resignation on Live TV at Lindell Symposium

Anne Copp Lindell Symposium Warrom Screengrab

New Hampshire House Rep Anne Copp(R) Derry, after seeing the election fraud displayed during Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium, decided she could no longer be part of the government in good conscience.

See for yourself.


Anne has decided she can’t be a legislator and a patriot. I guess I disagree, and so might the founders, but here’s the thing, and this is important. We all need to decide what our roles are in this fight and how best we can fulfill them. Sometimes we start down a path and discover that’s not it.

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There’s nothing wrong with changing roles as long as you’re still in the fight.

If Ann thinks she can do more damage to the left outside the Legislature than in then, have at it, and she seems committed to moving votes in the Legislature for a statewide election audit.

One she can no longer vote to support, but I’m not judging. If she couldn’t get it done inside, maybe she’ll have more luck out?

And Derry, you’ll have a special election coming up, and Democrats are gonna dump a fortune into trying to take that seat.


[Update] It has come to our attention that despite the way it sounds in the video Rep Copp submitted her resignation by letter on July 1st. We will, at some future date, add additional details surrounding the reasons for her departure from the office and have offered to accept an Op-Ed on the departure.


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