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Life with Liz – Monday Morning Wake Up Chat with GraniteGrok (8/23)

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Once again, I had the opportunity to be on the Life with Liz (Gabert) show on WSMW) to do my bi-weekly spot (usually 11:15 to 11:30 or so) and once again


Normally, I use the Life with Liz Logo but the last question she asked me, about Biden’s arbitrary and abrupt pullout from Afghanistan prompted the above-featured Image (from instead.

As regular readers know, while I did not serve in the military, my two sons did. My youngest did a year’s tour in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne in the upper Pesch Valley at COP Michigan. He came home with severe PTSD and a couple of other things.

Ten years later, he was just diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) resulting from combat which explains much of his behavior in the interval since coming home and honorable discharge from the service.

It is NOT been an easy time and the reports coming back from Kabul have not helped. Like many, his thoughts are “What use was it? Look at me – I can’t even hold a job? I have memory problems, I have decision-making issues, I LOST MY BEST BUDDIES there!”

“FOR WHAT???”.

I can tell him, like many other parents and family members, like other friends, that it wasn’t in vain. After all, we’ve had no foreign-sponsored terrorism events on our soil. He fought it there so that we didn’t have to fight it here. He protected US and America. But then he sees the ‘cut and run’ by Biden. He reads and hears how the Taliban are “puppet mastering” Biden.

He sees the embarrassment now heaped upon us by barbarians who learned to manipulate the Left to make themselves to be something they aren’t – reasonable. He knew who they really are and fought them – and it ends up like this? That we essentially just armed the Taliban with 40 aircraft, thousands of vehicles, electronics, and small arms galore.

Right on the anniversary of the results of them giving clear passage of Al Queda / Muslim fanatics to use commercial jets as death-killing machines against innocent lives. He knows we’ve now become a laughingstock and not a country to be trusted.

And Biden and the other Socialists now running this country are deliberately not just managing the US decline, but intend to run it into the ground.

What’s next?