Another Dastardly and Senseless Act of Murder by a Muslim Jihadist - Granite Grok

Another Dastardly and Senseless Act of Murder by a Muslim Jihadist

Killed in Kabul - image montage

Terrorists attacked Afghanis flocking to Kabul’s airport Thursday and transformed a scene of desperation into one of horror in the waning days of airlifts for those fleeing the Taliban takeover.

At least 13 US troops (11 Marines) and more than 160 Afghan civilians were killed by the explosion and several American military soldiers were wounded.

Within this sea of surging humanity composed of some 1.5 billion Muslims, each individual believer—a drop-through a combination of choice and forces beyond his control, ends up in one of its many waves.

It is the jihadist wave that is highly attractive to the deeply indoctrinated and poorly adjusted for dealing rationally and independently with life. Here, he finds the ironclad perfect solution to his anxieties and perplexities.

Islamic savagery (suicide bombing) is carried out in the same ritualistic manner as they prostrate multiple times towards Mecca in tribute to Allah and his emissary Muhammad.

To a jihadist, death is nothing more than casting off the shell of a worthless earthly existence and donning the suit for winging joyously to the life of bliss promised by none other than Allah’s beloved and final emissary, Muhammad.

While expressions of grief are appropriate at this hour of sorrow, civilized humanity must take the necessary and often painful measures to confront this evil.

The entire family of our nation is grieving for the innocent victims of this tragedy. I am heartbroken and am certain so is everyone else. Let me offer my deepest condolences and share in the grief of the families who lost their dear ones in this dastardly and senseless act of murder by a Muslim jihadist.