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Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan is in Trouble and Biden is Dragging Her Down

Margaret "Maggie" Hassan

As much as I disliked Freshman Senator Kelly Ayotte when her re-election came around, giving up when only 1000 votes separated her from the incredibly unpopular Maggie Hassan was a mistake.

Sure, Ayotte deserved to lose, but we did not deserve Hassan, a problem we can rectify next year with Maggie Hassan’s help.

Hassan has never been a popular Senator. When rumors swirled that Gov. Sununu might run against Jeanne Shaheen, early polls had him handing her some retirement papers. Shaheen is not super popular either, but she’s a fixture, and those are hard to displace. Hassan is a seat warmer who got lucky, and everyone knows it, especially Democrats who can’t afford to lose any seats in 2022.

But lose it they may.

In a February poll, most voters wanted her gone. Last month’s St Anslem poll still showed her in deep water. Her unfavorability is 49 -43, with 35% very unhappy with the Senator. And that’s in a poll that would vote Democrat over Republican in federal races in NH 44-43.

The problem? There are a few. First, Hassan is unremarkable politically and not at all charismatic or interesting. Listening to her talk is grating. There’s no natural draw. Her only appeal (if this appeals to you) is that she is not a Republican. So, she needs a rising tide to lift her—no such luck.

In only a few short months, Biden and the Democrats have harpooned the economy. Inflation is on the rise, and folks are looking at that as a bigger priority. Democrats have only themselves to blame.

Of the six issues in the St. Anslem poll, the poll two things’ Democrats can’t shut up about (COVID19 and Climate Change) came in last.

Health care costs, debt, and illegal immigration were more important. Democrats are terrible on Debt and awful on immigration, and they’ve lost ground on health care. Maggie Hassan is worse on health care than most.

And people are apprehensive about inflation and gas and energy prices, all rising due to Democrat policy. Those will only get worse as the election looms.

As for Biden himself, he is Biden’s less popular than she is in the Granite State. He polled badly on the economy, energy, race issues, National Security, even the environment. A good environment for displacing a Democrat US Senator, and you can help.

You won’t find a lot of press from Hassan on any of these issues with which her party struggles, so let’s add one.  Critical Race Theory. Do it because it’ll be a kindness. Put her out of our electoral misery.

If we press her on CRT, she’ll try to take the middle road, but if she won’t stand (or even speak out) against federal meddling in local education, it makes her complicit, and parents don’t like schools race-shaming their kids.

The Teacher’s unions will step in to protect her. Parents are increasingly unhappy with the teacher’s unions, so that’s a good thing. And it is probably more conflict than her brief scandal plagued tenure can manage.

She’s had potty-mouthed staffers who doxxed Republicans. Her office was the center of the single biggest data breach in US Senate history. People went to jail who had worked in her office.

She’s low-hanging fruit without anyone else’s coattails and none of her own.

And she only won because Kelly Ayotte went McCain and dissed then-candidate Trump. Trump voters took her out. Maybe Trump voters need to come back and remove Hassan. She got in on a gimme, and it’s time for her to be gone.

The Nation will thank you and so will we.