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New Hampshire’s Whack-A-Mole Approach to CRT … There Needs to be a Better Way

So the remedies to CRT in the classroom appear to be as follows:

Fortunately, New Hampshire has a new state law that opposes this kind of discrimination forced upon students and teachers. Not only do you have equal protection under the Civil Rights Law, you have protection under New Hampshire law too. You can file a lawsuit aimed at your school administrators or file a complaint with the New Hampshire Department of Education. Removing the credentials of those who want to discriminate against you for the color of your skin will land them in the unemployment line. You also now have the opportunity to stop the shaming and blaming that is being inflicted on your children.

I don’t see how either is a practical remedy.

Let’s start with the lawsuit remedy. Unless you have … just for starters … $5,000.00 (or more likely more) to put down for a retainer, you are not likely to get a lawyer capable of taking on the lawyers who will be representing the school district … and that assumes that you can find a lawyer who is willing to oppose the Left.

So it is likely that the parents will have to represent themselves. So the parents … who are already out-of-pocket the filing fee and the costs for serving the lawsuit … lose a day at work in order to attend a hearing on some type of preliminary injunction, and they are met by some experienced lawyer or team of lawyers representing the school district. The parents had no idea what was expected of them at this hearing … and so the request for a preliminary injunction gets denied and the court then schedules a final hearing and one or more conferences before the final hearing. In the interim, the school district gets to continue poisoning the students with CRT.

Do you expect these parents to be able to afford to take off three, four, five or perhaps even more days from work to see the lawsuit through? Even if they can swing it financially and get the time off from their employers, do you expect them to stand a chance at the final hearing … assuming that they can somehow avoid all the procedural traps they will face before then … against the school district’s lawyers?

So that leaves us with filing an administrative complaint with the DOE. I did not look that long or hard (but should I have had to?), but I couldn’t find any from to file a CRT complaint on the DOE website. Shouldn’t there be one? I couldn’t even find instructions for filing a CRT complaint. Shouldn’t there at least be instructions?

And … assuming our parents can somehow figure out what DOE wants in the complaint and where and how it is to be filed … what happens after the complaint gets filed? Does it go to some bureaucrat who supports CRT … I would wager that there are a bunch of those at DOE … who then slow-walks the complaint or loses the complaint or otherwise finds a way to make it go away?