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Is the NH School Boards Association Violating State Law?

NHSBA NH Logo Screen Grab

The New Hampshire school boards association (NHSBA) is funded by “dues” from your local school districts. In exchange, the “districts” board members get some training and guidance, and NHSBA then lobbies the legislature on behalf of these members.

Put another way, they get tax dollars to work against your best interests and if you need proof, compare a few things—the cost of education and its quality. Or compare the cost of non-productive overhead (administrative BS) versus productive (actual teachers teaching).

I promise you will walk away unhappy.

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The NHSBA has overseen one of the largest money-laundering operations in the state moving productive dollars to unproductive uses while advocating counter-productive relationships between parents, “educators,” and legislators.

As for the training and guidance, they include every left-wing, bat-sh!t-crazy idea, including gender-bending speech compelling BS, and the newest thing, Critical Race Theory. In other words, they are probably breaking the law.

I’ll be upfront; this is more a question with some encouragement but with some resources.

For example, the NHSBA 2021 list of continuing resolutions includes this gem!


NHSBA supports equity and inclusion in all aspects of education. NHSBA supports adherence to all anti-discrimination laws, rules and statutes ensuring that no student is excluded or discriminated against on the basis of sex, gender identity, race, religious creed, color, marital status, physical or mental disability, national origin, economic status, familial status, sexual orientation, health condition, or native language. (2021)

Equity and inclusion are buzz words for race-shaming CRT, and we can probably jump to that conclusion, but that’s not all we have.

The NHSBA guidance is wholly responsible for not only the poor quality of superintendents in the state but the board members who hire them. And while I have yet to find a specific reference in opposition to the HB544 language in HB2 from the NHSBA, I feel confident it’s out there.

Their offspring are hardcore advocates. If the NHSBA opposed CRT or the language in HB544 have seen that by now. Have we? I need your help to find it one way or the other.

In practice, the NHSBA is a laundromat for tax dollars used to lobby the legislature to advance the interests of these School Boards who won’t answer your question or are trying to hide CRT, whiteness training, or race-shaming curriculum.

These boards have clearly not been advised to be open and transparent. They have not been advised to hand over their race-shaming curriculum and face the music. They have not been told to abandon any instruction or training of teachers, staff, or board members on whiteness.

Someone is coordinating how to get it, use it, and hide it from parents and taxpayers.

It might not be the NHSBA, and if not, they should say as much and explain what their guidance is to these districts to comply with state law.

Absent that, using the Left’s rules, we can assume they are complicit in breaking it and that could be against the law.