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If We’re Too Stupid To Know Better…

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Long before we were told that sitting (at a table) protects us from COVID19 while standing at the same table does not, there was this. A conundrum for the American ages. A contradiction still Left (Literally) unresolved.

Democrats insist that we are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer or a few cans short of a six-pack. We need them to make decisions for us and their entire agenda – colloquially referred to as the nanny state – is based on this premise.

Problem? Sure, and it’s as old as public elected who become arrogant or pretentious snooty bastards once in office. We elect them.

If we are incapable of knowing how to own a dog without a license, who is allowed to cut our hair, or even what transportation we should use, how could we possibly be competent enough to elect “leadership?”

The very notion contradicts itself. Such a person would be, in fact, the least-best person for any job, office, or appointment.

We could use Joe Biden as proof. Not only is he a complete idiot, but the party of people who insists they know better pushed him on themselves and then pushed him on us, and then pushed him into office.

And now his staff, the largest in White House History, is leading him around by his nose with the heads of women and small children whom they have promised he can sniff.

And it’s a conundrum that multiples itself which means math which means oh, no! The idiot we were too incompetent to choose is always going to choose idiots with which to surround themself.

As proof, I give you Kamal Harris, followed by the Cabinet, and then the whole of the Biden Administration, whoever it is that’s running it.

And it hardly matters. They are all too stupid to know how stupid they are, and as proof of that, I give you Critical Race Theory, the Green Agenda, any foreign policy decision, and any American leftists since at least the Carter Administration and no Israeli Peace does not count. That was for the benefit of the Arabs whom Democrats like better. Isreal would have kicked their asses and keep their oil.

And I can’t say for certain, but my gut says the world would have been a much more peaceful place had that happened.

To conclude, the people who claim they are most qualified can’t be because of the very nature of their own assumptions. This also means that the utopia is actually a bus ride to hell full of lunatics and who among us doesn’t see that in the specter of the current Democrat “leadership” in DC.

Or past leadership.

It’s actually why we have Constitutions and Sovereign States because small collections of idiots can, at times, learn from the mistakes of others and choose to leave people alone.

Unless they are Democrats.