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COVID Fearmongering is Already Ratcheting Up For Fall…

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As Biden’s Cheka go door to door verifying that your vaccine papers are (or are not) in order, a bit closer to home, the fearmongering over flu 99.9% of people survive is ratcheting up as well.


New cases of COVID-19 began rising in New Hampshire last week, although not by much. More alarmingly, new cases are rising in every single state, sometimes sharply. A few places, notably Los Angeles County (which has seven times the population of New Hampshire) have gone back to indoor mask mandates. … It’s a reminder that the pandemic is not anywhere near over in America.  …

The solution, of course, is to boost our natural immune system to make it harder for any variant of the COVID-19 virus to take root in our lungs. … I have done that through eating right, exercising and all that stuff, but mostly through vaccination. If more people followed suit we wouldn’t have to be worrying so much.

Don’t you wish they would? I sure do.


This is courtesy of the Concord Covid MonitorLiberal paper of Record in New Hampshire. A reminder that the “easy life” we’ve experienced over the past few weeks comes with risk. People who were not vaccinated represent a serious threat to the lifestyles of those who were.

We have a communal obligation to line them up so they can be shot! in the arm with this crap.

No, actually, we don’t. But they’re coming, the narrative is coming, and they will blame everyone who did not get jabbed even when most of them not only never got COVID19, they ignored all the pandemic threat-mongering, political force, and never even got a sniffle.

But we need this experimental vaccine.

I think not. And yes, we will fight it. Because no vaccine protects you from the flu, which means it cannot possibly protect anyone else.


Just for fun, because it shows bureaucrats coming to your door, we present a clip from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life – Live Organ Transplants.

Graphic, though I cut before it gets too bloody.