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Windham Incident is Now #FoldGate … Could Be #SununuGate?


Windham may have been the only town that really went to bat for Election integrity and got national attention, but we learned a few things. The Windham Incident was not the only New Hampshire oddity in the November Election.

There were others unexplored or inadequately explained, and it may be too late for action on those – the towns have since used those machines for more recent elections. But we can still see the tapes from November.

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One strange thing (according to the report below) is how #foldgate doesn’t really explain the discrepancies in the hard data. Chris Sununu, for example, appears to be the only Republican on any ballot in any town not at all affected by a phenomenon that can’t possibly explain away other irregularities.

Taken in conjunction with his repeated praise for the election, it makes for an interesting topic for speculation, discussion, maybe even a brewing conspiracy.

If you are having issues with the GAB TV embedded copy, you can also view this here.


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