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Town Notifies 2020 Absentee Voter (Who Voted) That She’s Being Removed from the Rolls for Not Voting

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This is an interesting story we’re now following.  A voter in Salem, New Hampshire, registered to vote for 2020 and then sent in an absentee ballot. Several months later, she was alerted that she was being removed from the vote rolls.


 At the end of May, I received a letter from the Salem town Hall. Because of my failure to vote within the past four years, they were taking me off or removing me from the list of registered voters. I found this very curious and called them right away. I explained that I had voted and filled out an absentee ballot.

The woman I spoke to said, “and so you have, I will have someone call you tomorrow.”

No one has called me back, and I don’t know where I put the letter. My thinking is that my vote was not counted. I spoke to a family member, and she said that a coworker of hers had received the same letter and also voted for President Trump (lives in either Haverhill or Plaistow).

I actually have proof that I voted, I had sent a picture to my son, who is also a Trump supporter. I would really like to know how many other people this has happened to? Is this problem state-wide, region-wide, nation-wide?


It is? A problem? And if it is, will they admit that?

They can look at the voter checklist for November, and since that’s checked manually if her name is not checked, they could check it before anyone knows.

We’d never know unless this is more common than we yet realize. Is it? More common? We’ve heard stories about dumped mail-in ballots.

We’ll be keeping an eye on it, but we need your help.

Here’s the letter sent to the voter.

Salem Letter - removed form voter rolls