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Quick Thought – “Undertake Mental Health Treatment”?

Jason Riddle with President Trump

Sometimes, stuff just doesn’t seem to fit right. NH Journal reports that Annie Kuster may have a Republican opponent in NH’s Second Congressional District – someone I’ve never heard of: Jason Riddle of Keene.

He also was at the Jan 6 protest which was NOT an insurrection! You need weapons for that but Democrats are ALWAYS going hyperbolic to stir up emotional responses.

Here’s Graham’s writeup:

Riddle, 32, was arrested in February on charges of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, theft of government property, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds. He has admitted participating in the riots that overran the U.S. Capitol, and stealing a bottle of wine and a book in the process.

When a judge released Riddle in advance of his trial, he was ordered to stay away from drugs and alcohol and undertake mental health treatment. He has since been ordered not to enter the District of Columbia while his charges are pending — a potential problem for someone hoping to serve in Congress.

“Despite my ongoing legal problems, I’m supposed to live my life the way I want, and I want to do this, so why not?” Riddle told NBC.

Did you catch that: “Undertake mental health treatment“? Why that? Or is this the ongoing process of Sovietization of America where all dissent is seen as a mental illness? That only crazy people don’t accept what the Government line is? Or is that part of the Othering process by the Left to “cull” half the American population from the “sane” ones?

Yeah, sane ones like Bernie-Bro Nashua Alderman and NH State Rep Jan Schmidt (D-Nashua) and NH State Rep Steve Woodcock(D-Conway) or NH State Rep Timmy Horrigan (D-Durham)?

No, I’m not condoning breaking laws but when is the last time some got caught in a B&E (Breaking and Entering) and was told to see a shrink?

So he chugged a glass of wine – when is equal treatment going to happen with Antifa throwing Molotov cocktails at the Federal Courthouse in Seattle? Are they going to get “shrinked” as well? Oh, they’re already back on the streets with a mere finger wag????