NPR: Blueberries in Danger - Me: Of Not Getting Mentioned in their Article, Apparently...Not Even Once. - Granite Grok

NPR: Blueberries in Danger – Me: Of Not Getting Mentioned in their Article, Apparently…Not Even Once.


My backyard has a lot of wild blueberries in it. If not for biting insects, we’d probably have more than we can use. And I like them (a lot – the blueberries) but not enough to give repeated blood sacrifices to the mosquito gods – but enough that this NPR headline got my attention.

NPR Bluberries in danger


There’s an article and 2-minute audio, both with the same title, but neither of them mentions blueberries, Not once.

I’m certain they still pay their reporters, producers, and editors, which amuses me on a few levels.

First, the wild blueberry crop in my yard, which benefits from systemic neglect – much like editing headlines at NPR – already looks bountiful this season. In a few weeks, I’ll have berries for breakfast, in the pancakes, whatever my tolerance for blood sacrifices can manage.

The Berries don’t seem to care much about the heat (or the cold we had before that). And if we’re having a drought, no one told the blueberries.

Second, what of NPR and their ‘Weather Report?’

Well, they touch on the unseasonably warm week and its impact on public education. Hot classrooms, a return to remote learning, even early dismissal, perhaps to pick blueberries, but the latter never comes up.

And no mention of global warming or climate-cult-wing battery, which is a pleasant surprise. Almost as surprising as the absence of Blueberries in an article titled, “Blueberries in Danger: Temperatures in Maine to Spike to Scorching 90s.”

Are there other dangers of which we must be aware? Aside from indigenous fauna eating them?

How about the mosquitos? They certainly present a danger that the Blueberries (at least in my yard) won’t get picked.

We’re left to guess, but the inference is that it has to do with the heat, and I don’t see it.

And neither does NPR, except in the headline.