Momma Grizzly Takes School Board "of Thieves" to the Wood Shed - Brings Receipts. - Granite Grok

Momma Grizzly Takes School Board “of Thieves” to the Wood Shed – Brings Receipts.

Mama Grizzly

Wowzers – tell us what you REALLY think, Mom! Let these dunderheads know that your kids are NOT THEIR kids! And they really tried to shut her up and shut her down – boy, that was a mistake!

A mom in Carmel, New York, has had enough and attends the school board meeting to confront the indoctrination of her children in school.  The board attempts to shut her down, even claiming that her speech is not peaceful, but she will not be silenced; and she has the receipts. This is epic…

My favorite line was (and she had a bunch of them)this one:

“This is not the last of me that you will see. I’m retired, I have nothing else better to do. We can do it peacefully or we can take it to the highest court…”

This is a Lady after my own heart and soul! Here’s the takeaway that I had – when The Man tries to shut you up, double down.

“I will become your worst nightmare….”

I see or hear about this kind of behavior from School Boards and Boards of Ed all the time. Most of them REFUSE to engage, as Elected Officials, because either they have become captured by their staff (e.g., Superintendent) or by some Association (e.g., NH SBA) policy that gets adopted, or they’re scared out of their wits.

Did you notice how often one of those scared stuffed shirts told that Mom to “make an appointment with the Superintendent?” They wanted to shuffle her off the stage, put it behind them, and use part of the Delphi process against her.

Superintendents are mere employees but her Elected Representatives did not want to listen to a voter seeking redress from her Government.

They didn’t even want to talk with her – she was an annoyance and in their eyes a bug to be swatted. After all, they must execute to The Plan.

(H/T: Conservative Treehouse)