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Join the Windham Incident Livestream Audit Update Event


Right America Media is sponsoring a live stream event this weekend. The online “meeting” will include NH State Senator Bob Giuda, Harri Hursti, Philip Stark, and Mark Lindeman, discussing the Windham Incident Audit and (sort of) includes a Q & A.


The auditors will explain their current findings, the work remaining before the final report is due on July 11, and address questions from the audience in the allotted time.


If you are interested in hearing what the auditors have to say about the process and their progress, you can find links and details in our Event calendar or follow one of the links below provided (below) by Right America Media on June 13th from 7:30-9pm ET



They would like all questions emailed in advance to so they can be addressed in the allotted time.


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