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God Bless the USA: Lee Greenwood, Home Free, and the Singing Sergeants

Singing Sgt 5

This rendition of Greenwood’s famous song has been around for not quite a year. Most people (and Country music fans) on the Right know of Greenwood and this song is played at many venues when a Patriotic song is needed.

Home Free is one of my favorites in the resurging acapella scene. What I didn’t know of was the “Singing Sergeants” attached to the US Air Force band. Together, and recorded in separate locations, is this collaboration of “God Bless the USA”:

Sure, I’ve listened to the song many times and sung (poorly) along with it many times. What got me this time was watching the performers and the differences in their faces. The “professional”? They are concentrating on their results – their voices. Sure you can see the import of this in their faces. The sergeants?

Sure, they are professional musicians as well. But watch THEIR faces – there’s a difference. There is a joyfulness there that isn’t matched in the faces of Greenwood and the Home Free group. The men are a bit more stolid but almost all of the women are just beaming as they sing these words. They are INVESTED – they are IN this as they truly believe in what they are singing.

It struck me, given how we at GraniteGrok see story after story of how the Left hates this country and wishes, not to just “re-imagine” but to remake us all into their own image, how good it was to see people that are just happy about this country. Sure, we have warts, but I posit a lot less than other countries given our size and demographics.  Again, we are a country that was built on a set of ideals and aspirational values – that all men are created equal and that our Rights were given to us by God and not, as the Left acts like and wishes for the rest of us to believe, by Government. We recognize that there is a Power far greater than ourselves and we can give thanks to Him for the blessings He has bestowed upon us all. We accept and respect that limitation that we are not the end all / be all of our lives.

The Left doesn’t believe any of that at all – just look at the CRT, BLM, and SJW philosophies that they accept as their theologies – that no man is equal and that each Man is his own god accountable only to themselves. Don’t believe me? Look at the polls and look at their own words – and then judge the results of what they do.

Yes, God, please bless the USA.

(H/T: Loyal Reader Matt)