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Friday Overnight Thread – They’re Turning “This Country Into a Socialist Hell Hole” Edition

Jeffrey Toobin

Tonight’s overnight thread features some video. None of home long but all worth the time.  We have NH State Rep. Melissa Litchfield on Fox News talking about Exeter High School “Branding” Incident. We’ve also got NC LT GOV. Mark Robinson Bringing Truth Bombs about the Left to the GOP.

But first I’ve Got This!

If you forgot, Liberal New York Mag ‘Journalist” Jeffrey Toobin got fired for, well, here are a few of our headlines.

Ruling-Class Media-Scold Suspended For “Giving Himself a Hand” During a Zoom Meeting


New Yorker ‘Hands’ Jeffy Toobin His Walking Papers

And… it spawned a new phrase (several) for what Jeffy was up to during the meeting.  Care of The Urban Dictionary…click at your own risk.

We’ve also got this from the Bee (Both tweets care of AOSHQ).

Jeffy didn’t get meetoo’d he got off for good behavior (sorry) and a better paying gig on CNN where he can jerk the public around on camera and not just, well, I think you can see where would have gone had I gone there.

Next, something related to the headline of the overnight thread.

Care of Blaze Media, this is a must-watch bit of pulpit-worthy inspiration for Republicans. “Republican Mark Robinson, lieutenant governor of North Carolina, delivered a fiery speech at the state’s recent GOP convention and told his fellow party members that they all must battle against President Joe Biden and his administration turning America into a “socialist hellhole.”

He’s got Words for Antifa and BLM as Well…


Here’s Melissa, at the front of a story that started on our humble pages and when national overnight. Exert High School branding unvaccinated students. She’s done a few interviews but we’ll share this one.

Unvaccinated Students Numbered and Tracked


And this, from Ben Domenech. I’ve shared it before but it’s too is incredibly important, relevant, and inspiring. Please make time to watch it or bookmark it and come back. It is exceptional.

What Does It Mean to Be a Nation?