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Windham Forensic Audit Sabotaged – The Movie! [Plus an Update on The Town Meeting Last Night]

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You’ll have already heard the news, I suspect – Ken shared it yesterday. He reports that the Windham, NH Forensic Audit is being sabotaged.


A normal person would expect the Selectmen to choose an experienced forensic auditor instead of a Political Scientist to perform a forensic audit… but what could go wrong?


If you’re the sort that prefers video or audio and a good bit more detail, you can listen to or watch and listen to this.

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The board of selectmen are sabotaging the forensic audit in Windham NH. Ross McLeod (Chairman of the board) has NO intention to reverse their decision to use the bias, partisan group “Verified Voting” to audit their representative election. We have a HUGE problem in New Hampshire, and are calling on ALL PATRIOTS to SHOW UP and PROTEST PEACEFULLY at the High School in Windham.


It’s long, so prepare yourselves, but the level of detail from town residents Tom Murray and Ken Eyring exceeds anything you’ll get in the average blog post (unless it’s this one, I suppose).



We also have an on-scene report from the Town Meeting in Windham last night we referenced here.

I attended the Windham Town meeting last night. My takeaway is, there were two points that I think should have been relentlessly smothered by our side but were not.

One is, Ross McLoed pulled a Jedi mind trick on the crowd when he asserted that reports claiming Lindeman did not answer “the five questions” were false reports. Ross explained this away, amazingly with no explanation at all.

He started out saying that it was fake news that Lindeman did not answer the questions, then when the crowd groaned, Ross replied, “what, you have a problem with a man having a medical emergency?” And just like that, the crowd and Bruce Breton seemed to let that point slide.

I think Bruce should have pounced on that one with something akin to, ” Ok, so after he recovered from his medical emergency, then did he answer the five questions? Because if he did, please provide his answers; if not, he needs to answer just like the other candidates. Until then, this process is incomplete. And btw, how do you justify hiring the man who did not go through your interview over those who did complete your interview?”

And I would have pounded that one home all night.

Secondly, Ross stated that the will of the people of Windham supported their pick of Lindeman. I would have replied by asking the people in the crowd from Windham who supported the pick to raise their hands. There were about seven of them present. Then I would have asked those from Windham who oppose raising their hands. There were about seventy of them. Then I would have said, well Ross, right here tonight, with a great opportunity to show their support; you only have seven supporters to about seventy who oppose. So maybe we should put this to a town vote or something because we can see from this turnout right here that you are at least anecdotally you are wrong.

Third (sorry, I said two points but just thought of two more), I would have pointed out that reports circulating show the SOS pick for auditor also has ties to Lindeman’s Verified Voting, so that is a conflict of interest.

And fourth, if you refuse to give the people what is clearly their will to have, then please know that we are going to be hiring Jovan Pulitzer with our own funds, so be prepared to fully cooperate with all of his requests, or we will have to litigate any stonewalling. But one way or the other, we are going to get the audit of our choosing.”

And I would have hammered those home all night. But the minute Ross said, “What, you have a problem with a man for having a political emergency?” Lindeman’s fainting, in fact, qualified as answering in lieu of actually answering. That said, after the meeting, Marylin Todd on the Facebook page NH Voter Integrity started organizing a fundraiser to hire Jovan Pulitzer directly.

The most amazing comment of the night was toward the end when Selectman Roger stated, “besides, we all want the same thing you do, so just trust us.”

“Just trust us,” he actually had the gall to say out loud.

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