"Well, Boys will be girls!" - Granite Grok

“Well, Boys will be girls!”

Chelsea Mitchell

Connecticut has been transitioning away from its old nickname, the Constitution State, for years. The more apt and current ‘Nutmeg’ state is better suited. They are nuts for letting Meg (formerly known and Mark) Compete and win in girls’ sports.


To be clear, there may be a Mark named Meg; I have no idea. It’s just an illustration of a genuine problem exemplified by the Nut Meg State.


In the 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons alone, these males took 15 women’s state track championship titles (titles held in 2016 by nine different girls) and more than 85 opportunities to participate in higher-level competitions that belonged to female track athletes.


That doesn’t seem fair.

But it’s not a new problem. Back in 2019, girls track star Selina Soule broke the bubble by making her loss at the hands of two biological boys on national news. It cost her the chance at college sports scholarships because young men competing as women denied her a shot.

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This go-around, track star Chelsea Mitchell (biological girl), spoke up to USA Today, which published her thoughts (to much abuse from the left). From ” “I was the fastest girl in Connecticut. But transgender athletes made it an unfair fight,” she says,


“It robs girls out of the chance to race in front of college scouts who show up for elite metes and to compete for the scholarships and opportunities that come with college recruitment,” 

“I’ll never know how my own college recruitment was impacted by losing those four state championship titles to a male. When colleges looked at my record, they didn’t see the fastest girl in Connecticut. They saw a second- or third-place runner.”


I am reminded of the Left’s obsession with the mythological pay gap. A difference in income resulting entirely as a result of personal choices and preferences, leveraged into class and gender war Destroyed here:



The same folks are adamant about ignoring a genuine performance gap between boys and girls, men and women. You can’t even talk about it, you bigot! But is a real gap and it has real consequences.

Perhaps we need a gender bender twist on an old sexist aphorism to explain away this feature of girls’ sports where young men keep young women from achieving competitive athletic success.

“Well, Boys will be girls!*”



*Hopefully, with the same success as Gillette’s #Woke Boys will be Boys Campaign.