Left Wing Tyranny - The Some Words Are More Equal Than Others Edition - Granite Grok

Left Wing Tyranny – The Some Words Are More Equal Than Others Edition

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Our “friends” on the left have released a fresh round of artillery in the culture war. “The Rochester, Minnesota, school board has declared “Black Lives Matter” to be “government speech” to prohibit debate and prevent anyone from expressing a contrary opinion.

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Government Speech?


[T]he Court has established the “government speech doctrine” that recognizes that a government entity “is entitled to say what it wishes”1054 and to select the views that it wants to express.1055 In this vein, when the government speaks, the government is not barred by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment from determining the content of what it says and can engage in viewpoint discrimination.


This school board has landed on our shores and placed a Marxist flag on our beach, declaring that their orthodoxy is unassailable in a public school classroom.


The Rochester Public Schools board voted unanimously Tuesday evening to make several phrases and images, including “Black Lives Matter,” government speech, meaning the school can’t be held liable for allowing those views while not allowing opposing views.

[I]n Rochester schools, speech concerning “Brown lives matter,” “Indigenous lives matter, “Stop Asian hate,” as well as the pride flag, are now all declared official government speech.


I find it fascinating that a faction that claims to have been silenced, and declared that to be a crime of the highest order, secures for itself in the name of equality or equity or human rights the power to silence anyone and everyone who dares to disagree.

I find it more fascinating that there are individuals, some registered as Republicans, who let them (or will let them) in the name of free speech.

To them, I say, you are either a coward, an idiot, or a mole engaged in cultural espionage.