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Is Nashua Overpaying For Its It Systems?

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Nashua taxpayers’ have some serious problems and cyber-security issues within the IT Department. Yet, we’re spending a LOT for them. Taxpayers have paid the following for their IT Department over the last 8 months.

(July 1, 2020 – February 28, 2021 – please note that the city has not posted March 31, 2021, yet to the website):

Salaries/Benefits               $973,188.31
Licensing/Maintenance   $538,168.43
Equipment                         $124,278.04
Total                            $1,635,634.78

But remember the City of Nashua has paid more for software and hardware. The money is allocated into specific departments so tracking the dollars is difficult. The old shell game.

So I find it outrageous that Nashua taxpayers’ would be required to pay $154,923.00 for Budgeting & Planning Software, seeing how $92,923.00 is for implementation. Is this not why we are paying our IT guys.

If Nashua’s IT techs are not equipped to install software on the city’s website, why are they working for the City of Nashua?

  1. Why has the city’s website for Property Sales Information been down over 4 weeks?
  2. Why did our city allow the payment to a vendor for $41,000.00 be misdirected to someone else’s account?
  3. Why is the city now stating that they have some problems with corrupt emails? And only on one person from 2 years ago?
  4. Why is the assessing department website still not showing all information from the previous platform?
  5. Why did it take the IT department 16 months to install new Assessing software that Kleiner said would take 1 month? And the new platform did not bring over all the information from the old system.
  6. Why is all this new software unable to produce any audit or accounting reports?
  7. Why did the City fire the IT director, Bruce Cadagnone on February 24, 2021?
  8. Why does the GIS not have all the properties within Nashua?

With the City of Nashua taxpayers paying top dollars for our IT people, software and hardware, Nashua residents deserve better.