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How the Vaccines Became Effective Against the “Variants”

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Just two months ago, Fauci was adamant that VACCINATED persons still had to wear masks because we had no way of knowing whether the vaccines were effective against the “variants”:

Yesterday, our Figurehead-President announced that the VACCINATED no longer needed to wear masks.


For one thing, more and more people were learning that Fauci actually funded the Chinese development of COVID:

Additionally, the recent news was dominated by gasoline-lines, hyper-inflation, rising unemployment and terror-attacks by Hamas against Israel.

In other words, the science “changed” because Figurehead-President Biden desperately needed to change the subject from his already train-wreck of a Presidency.

Let me explain in more detail:

(1) There was no science suggesting the vaccines were inefficacious against the “variants” when Fauci was adamant that the VACCINATED had to continue wearing masks (see the video above).

(2) There is no new science demonstrating the efficacy of the “vaccines” against the “variants” besides the anecdotal evidence that was already present at the time of Fauci’s testimony.

(3) To sum up, there never has been any science suggesting the vaccines are not efficacious against the “variants.”

(4) Stated slightly differently, there has never been any science suggesting that the VACCINATED are not immune to the so-called variants and need to “mask-up.”

AND IT BEARS REPEATING since the Figurehead-President has ordered the non-vaccinated to continue wearing masks, there is not now any science and there never was any science supporting mask-mandates.

For one thing, wearing a mask … even if you are not immune … is simply virtue-signaling because MASKS DO NOT WORK.

For another thing, even if masks were efficacious … WHICH THEY ARE NOT … for the vast, vast majority of us COVID is … at worst … simply a bad flu … not the modern-day black-plague that was sold to us: