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DC Dems Impose Ban on Dancing at Weddings

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Back in the day, and to some extent even now, certain Baptist Churches are not keen on dancing. Modern dancing is a bit too intimate or arousing, not suitable for unmarried folks or even married couples in public. So, why did DC Dems ban dancing at weddings?

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They are pretending that this will prevent a different sort of spread. The Rona!


Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other or other household groups. If these events include dining, facilities and venues shall adhere to the rules established for restaurants and licensed food establishments. Standing and dancing receptions are not allowed.


Some folks will feel relief at having permission to hold a wedding reception at all, which tells you how bad off things are for them. The idea that freedoms and choices come only with a “by your leave” from the government, its officials, and flunkies. Not a good look for liberty.

To that end, they will only allow 250 people max, or 25% of the facility’s capacity, and no one can stand or dance. Congratulations are in order. You’ve wedded a despotism as divorce becomes increasingly less likely.

Irreconcilable differences? Canceled, fined, maybe the FBI shows up for a 5 am pre-sunrise visit.

The correct response to this DC BS is to take your reception and everyone in it outside their political jurisdiction. Punish the people who enable this worldview by refusing to fund them or the politicians that supposedly serve their interests.

And don’t just say no, say hell no, and back that up with a protest that looks suspiciously like a wedding reception.

Bring a few BLM or Gay Marriage rights signs to leave around. Heck, combine them. This is a Black Lesbian Marraige protest! We’re organizing for the right to organize. This isn’t a reception; it’s a protest with marching that looks suspiciously like dancing.

Make them raise their fists (with the glass of champagne for the toast).

When they open their mouth to speak, call them racists!

That’s what they’d do.