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CRT: If School District Staff Have Been Trained to Interrupt Parents Who Trained Them and Who Paid For That?

Janice Starkey, Hanover School District Financial Assistant

“I’m interrupting you. You are not allowed to talk. People like you that have views like you are not allowed to do what you’re doing, I’ve been trained to interrupt you.

That’s a Hanover, NH School Financial Assistant by the name of Janice Starkey to Daniel L Richards when he described why he was in favor of HB544 at a Parent-Teacher meeting.


Who trained this District Staff person to interrupt a parent at an open meeting simply for expressing his viewpoint?

Was she trained to interrupt any male (you know, that whole Toxic Masculinity dealio), only white males (should Mr. Richards have made it clear that he identifies as Black like Rachel Dolezal?)

What was the cost? Who provided the training? Who AUTHORIZED the training? Did the School Board vote on the expenditure for the training? And if so, who voted Yea or Nay?

Has the Hanover School District decided that Staff always has the right to interrupt anyone whose taxes pay their salaries? Especially when Staff members detect a world view that is in opposition to the mandated “Government Speech”?

Where does the Hanover School Board have the Power, as a mere subdivision of the State, to coerce the speech of others? What would those NH RSAs be – stop me if you’ve heard this before?

From CRT to RTK

For those that haven’t been following our posts on Critical Race Theory, it is a Marxist-based technique to divide Americans by race since they have been able to do so through economics.

A group out of New York City, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY), laid out the essential tenets of Critical Race Theory are:

  • You are not a person. You are only your ​race,​ and ​by your race alone you will be judged​. Justice is about equal ​rights​, but ​Social​ Justice, or ​equity,​ is about equal ​outcomes​. Only Social​ Justice matters; Justice does not. To achieve equal outcomes, ​forget equal rights​.
  • All unequal outcomes by race — ​inequity​ for short — are the result of racial ​oppression​.
  • All Blacks are oppressed and all Whites are oppressors. This is ​systemic​:​ never ask ​whether oppression occurred, only ​how it occurred. Everyone and everything White is ​complicit​.
  • If you are White and won’t admit you are racist, you are racist by ​implicit bias​. To reduce implicit bias, you must self-criticize, confess to ​privilege​, apologize to the oppressed race.
  • Whiteness​ is belief in, among others: ​achievement​, ​delayed gratification​, ​progress,​ schedules​ and ​deadlines​, ​meritocracy​, ​race-blindness​, the ​written word​, ​facts​ and ​objectivity (they deny​ lived experience)​ , ​logic​ and ​reason (​they deny​ empathy​), ​mathematics​ and science ​(until they are ​de-colonized and ​humanized​).
  • CRT suppresses dissent with ​cancel culture​: publications withdrawn, college admissions rescinded, online presence wiped out, business relationships ended, jobs terminated.

It is an Anti-American adaptation of Mao’s Cultural Revolution where those that were considered to be “enemies” (business people, intellectuals, those opposed to the newly emerging Communist regime) were mocked, forced to renounce their views, and silenced and shunned.

Janice Starkey is showing all of the signs of that history and I bet she doesn’t even know she’s being used (or is she fully away of what she is doing and just using Critical Race Theory as a shield?).

Doubtful. Such rude and belligerent behavior is the mark of a true believer – and that behavior is starting to emerge in other Districts around the State.

So, the Radical Left is making a play to bring back legal discrimination based on race – except backward. Everything is racist and America has been since its inception and GraniteGrok is now creating a substantial archive on it. If you are old enough to remember that now ancient TV show “Lost in Space,” the Robot’s “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!” applies to our American Experiment. Why?

They are teaching this to YOUR kids.  Steve put up a post “Parent Concerned About Critical Race Theory in Public Schools” in which Daniel Richards appeared on Kevin Avard’s “Speaking with the Senator” show who spoke about what is going on in the Hanover School District when anyone dares to question Critical Race Theory in said District (er, see the quote at the top of this post). Listen to the discussion again:



I will be putting in some inquiries on this – this action by Janice Starkey during a PTO meeting should rightfully be seen as being totally unacceptable by ANY Government employee.

Who is she to silence someone else’s speech in such a setting? Does she have a STASI membership card?  Imagine – using the idea of a non-existent sense of “Government Speech”?  Is she forcing compelled speech and demanding coerced thought?