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A ‘Magnet Sticking to The COVID Jab Spot’ Update – Could This Be It?

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Will a Small Magnet Stick to Your Experimental Vaccine Injection Spot?” That post continues to get clicks and beg questions, and while I’ve not had anyone tell me directly that they duplicated the effect, someone did write in with thoughts.

We are not the knuckle-dragging Cromagnon’s the Left claims. We appreciate everyone’s right to speak, to contribute, and to help us explore issues, so I want to share this.

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Someone sent some of their thoughts and a link with the goal of helping explain the magnet on the injection site trick, assuming it’s not a trick, as something less devious than alledged.


From my understanding & based upon my 1000s of hours of research, I’ve found that both Moderna & Pfizer contain lipid nanoparticles “to assist with the immune process.”

A secondary effect of these LNP’s that were utilized in both of those vaccines  (& the adenovirus used in the Janssen) is this: upon metabolizing the LNPs, luciferase is produced & the cells/proteins become “tagged.”

These tags are bioluminescent & are able to be visualized via bioluminescent spectrometers. This has become so simplified that a $50 cell phone app is now able to detect the “glow”.

Because this is not the “intended” primary effect of the LNP’s, disclosure of such and obtaining consent for such was deemed not necessary… It is my opinion that we will see this “scanning” occurring by summer’s end…when enough resistance has been met with the vaccine passports and such.

Anyways…it appears to me that some degree of magnetism is required in order for this technology to work…


We’re not advocating vaccinations or not getting vaccinated; that’s up to you, but to be clear, we will continue to oppose vaccine passports for all the right reasons (privacy, Nuremberg, Right to refuse, religious conscience, and so on).

But I am very interested in the rest of this and have requested more information (which was offered).

While we wait, the submission did include an email link on the subject referenced above (here).


The successful application of magnetic-bioluminescent-nanoliposomes with a portable ATP luminometer system to detect protein biomarkers in blood has opened a new avenue for biomarker testing. Thus, our LBM assay holds great potential as a POCT assay for use in clinical diagnostics.


The full abstract is a bit blah blah blah for me, but I am intrigued, not just in the relevance to the recent alleged magnetism of the vaccine shot but the technological applications in general.

Magnetic protein readers
Magnetic-bioluminescent-nanoliposomes for ultrasensitive and portable detection of protein biomarkers in blood

I’ve been subject to nuclear imaging, which is fascinating technology (while white boring as the patient), so this is also of interest.

And MRIs have (of course) been around for a very long time, so medical Magnetic imaging is not new though this particular application might be (the link is dated 2018). I have not dug too deeply yet, I’m waiting on the promised additional data, and then there’s the blah blah blah part.

Whether it applies here is unclear, but maybe “some degree of magnetism is required for this technology to work.”

It might be garbage and irrelevant (how would I know), but I think it is worth exploring, (and I got a post out of it). Perhaps Skip, who actually has a degree in biology, might be able to make sense of the more dense material.