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Will a Small Magnet Stick to Your Experimental Vaccine Injection Spot?

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We get a lot of stuff, and we will never get to all of it, but please keep sending us tips and news and links and stuff like this whichseems so absurd we have to share it.

It’s a very short video in which a woman says a magnet sticks to her are where she got her (my words) experimental COVID shot.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, I and my family” volunteered” to be in the control group. It’s not science without one. So we can’t try this out at home. But if you chose (or were chosen) to be part of the human test trial, you can play along at home.

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It’s an experiment all our own.

Take a small magnet, preferably like the one pictured in the video, and put it where you got your experimental injection. Please send us your results.

I’m not expecting to see or hear about anything like what we are offered below, but I’m happy to volunteer you for another human test trial in the name of research.


You got the Jab, this’ll be easy, if not a bit silly.

And to be honest, I think it’s a trick. I think I hear adhesive, and maybe one side is stickey and the other is not – some sleight of hand, and boom.

Bunk, debunk, or something else?

My guess is 100% of you who try will get a different result from the video.

Write your results in comments or send an email to steve@granitegrok.com. Please put jab magnet debunk or something equally obvious in the subject, or I may miss it.

Finally, this woman says she got the Pfizer. Let’s get some “results” from everyone who got a shot regardless of the type – for fun and yes, I did a search and there is no reporting on this of any kind anywhere that I found which means nothing in today’s media world.

Here’s the video – language warning.