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Quick Thought: What, You Haven’t Realized This Until Now? I’ve Been Saying This for Years!


Michael Graham has a post over at NH Journal (reformatted, emphasis mine): “DC vs. The 603: From Voting to Taxes to Minimum Wage, NHDems Back Feds Over Local Control.”

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It’s an odd political dichotomy: Granite State residents grouse about federal rules forcing them to re-number the exits on the interstate. “I will fight this Washington mandate to the bitter end. #MyNHExit,” tweeted Gov. Chris Sununu.

And yet the state’s Democratic Party is currently waging a full-throated war against local control, voting to override state laws on issues ranging from elections to wages to tax cuts, and all without apology. “Fed govt has/can/could supersede ANY state law (slavery? Etc…),” tweeted NH Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley in defense of H.R. 1, the problematically-named “For The People” Act, passed by the House without any GOP support. It replaces the state’s election laws with federal mandates on everything from requiring an ID to vote (banned) to having a month-long window for voting — including ballots that arrive days after the election (required).


Really, you’re just realizing this now? Centralization of Power, to the highest level possible, is what Progressivism is all about. You think that just because our four Progressive/Socialist “representatives” (yes, scare quotes there) come from the Live Free or Die State means they are for the 603 and not DC?

Only enough to have the slightest veneer of “being NH-based.” After all, I’ve been calling Jeanne Shaheen the Federal Government Ambassador to New Hampshire for years – ever since she decided that when the Executive Council, duly elected by the citizens of NH, decided to NOT fund Planned Parenthood, she overrode that decision by rushing in Federal funds to PPNE instead of respecting “local control.”

And now I can add Progressive Kuster and “my restaurant kills people” Pappas to that slotting:

And then there’s the federal minimum wage law. While it was eventually stripped from the Biden spending package, both Reps. Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas voted to force a federal $15 minimum wage on New Hampshire, despite the state legislature repeatedly rejecting it.

But really, Michael, it took you until now to realize that Federalism, in the eyes of Progressives, means that the Federal Government should exist and that State sovereignty is just a mirage?

Or mere figureheads in the Grand Scheme (and make no mistake, it IS a Progressive scheme)? You know, like what President Asterisk is now?

See, if the 17th Amendment was repealed, Shaheen and Hassan could be recalled for NOT looking out for the State of NH’s interests and best outlook? They have shown that they DON’T want local control to last a second longer than it has to. Instead, they are both (along with the other two patsies) Federal bigots who really don’t want NH to make their own decisions.

2022 is coming.

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