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Now That the School District Has Labeled Your Child as an Evil Racist, How Will That Be Used against Him/Her?

School indoctrination center ahead

In my last article on Critical Race Theory (CRT), I described an agenda put forward by CRT apologists to label your child as a racist and oppressor. It doesn’t stop there.

Competency-Based Education (CBE) along with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) will become the vehicle for CRT indoctrination in addition to collecting your child’s data on their attitudes and beliefs on racism.

SEL turned schools into mental health clinics. SEL is a vehicle for collecting mental health data on your kids. So if CRT becomes part of the curriculum in your school, you can expect that this additional data will be collected, stored, and shared.

In this Breitbart article, you can see that this is already happening in some schools.

You can also see that in this list of competencies, there is one for “appreciation for diversity.”

Now you might be saying, ok, I appreciate diversity, what’s wrong with that?

Many of us appreciate diversity. I certainly do. But should a child be assessed on their appreciation for diversity? And if your child is assessed on their attitudes as it relates to the CRT agenda, would they then be graded on their inherent racism as an oppressor? It sure looks that way.

Competencies will eventually become their digital badges that are now shared with colleges and universities when they apply. How will your child answer questions on their own inherent racism as defined by CRT apologists?

In addition to these concerns, schools have also become the vehicle for mass amounts of data collection on students as you can see from this article.

Because the FERPA law was gutted during the Obama Administration, your child’s personal data can be collected and shared without your knowledge or consent.

New Hampshire legislators, when voting on Competency-Based Ed, never envisioned infringing upon your child’s privacy rights but that’s exactly where we are today. During the discussion on CBE, legislators insisted that competencies focus on workforce skills like communication and collaboration. They were ok with schools grading your child on, turning in their homework on time. But Social and Emotional Learning competencies now assess your child’s mental health. SEL competencies will become the vehicle for collecting and sharing your child’s views on racism, too.

If this sounds like psychological profiling on your child, that’s exactly how it’s been described.

Competencies are now shared with colleges and universities. What happens if their psychological profile is shared with their future potential employers? Military recruiters?

When the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) law was gutted, it allowed for federal departments to share this sensitive data. The U.S. Department of Education can now share personal data with the U.S. Department of Labor. Again, you will never know because parental consent was removed from the FERPA law.

HB 544 would put some boundaries in place in terms of limiting divisive concepts. It would be one way of limiting this dangerous agenda that infringes upon your child’s privacy rights. But parents will need to do much more to stop the data-mining and sharing of personal information on their children. There is a petition to support HB 544 here.

Repealing Competency-Based Education in New Hampshire law would help.  Children in private and parochial schools are not subject to psychological profiling in this way.

Developing a comprehensive policy on sharing data is another good idea. You would need the school board and Superintendent to agree and require informed parental consent. This is considered a big task by some administrators who may not want to deal with obtaining consent from parents.  It’s a worthwhile effort but expect some pushback.

Stick to teaching the academics of racism. Authentic history on racism, slavery, etc. We should not shy away from these subjects even if they are difficult to discuss. We need to learn history in order to avoid mistakes of the past. But children also need to know how our original founding documents paved the way for freedom and liberty. No one is suggesting that this knowledge be denied, only that our schools do not become a vehicle for division and hatred.

Children should be taught community values such as kindness and compassion for others. Sowing the seeds of divisiveness and hatred through a CRT agenda is psychological warfare on children.

If your child applies to college or a job in the future, are you sure that their mental health and racist competencies will not be used against them? Even if your child is thoughtful, accepting, and kind, CRT describes whites as inherently racist and oppressive. Are you sure that these labels will not impede them from getting a job or entry into the college of their choice? Even if they have fulfilled all of the academic requirements?

These are the questions parents should be asking right now. This is much more than just pushing a radical racist agenda. It can directly impact each child’s future. Don’t gamble on that, make sure you are getting involved before it’s too late for your kids.