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We Should Call CRT What it Is: Political Race Theory

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The Left’s commitment to dehumanizing political opponents continues, as is the effort to push back against it. In New Hampshire, the latter is codified in HB544, a bill the Left says violates the right to free speech which is ironic. That’s exactly the opposite of what it does.

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As I observed here yesterday,


Critical Race Theory not only dehumanizes people as racists and beneath contempt, nothing they do can cleanse them of these sins in the eyes of the accusers.


They not only lose their right to participate in the debate, any debate, but they are also compelled to speak ill of themselves regardless of race. Preventing that would be to ensure the liberty to debate and discuss outside the deliberate constraints of CRT.

Please remember that CRT has nothing to do with making space for black voices or the interests of people of color. It is a political indoctrination program that silences ideas regardless of race. Black voices opposed to it are silenced as well.

CRT is an uncritical partisan progressive political program and, as such, should be called Political Race Theory. An idea not new to socialism.

Labeling an entire race or group of people inferior. Blaming all your problems on them. Demanding they denounce themselves and their kind. Herding them into re-education camps to dehumanize them.

Hitler would have loved it.

The Democrat party loves it too, and at least a few Republicans, if memory serves, right Governor Sununu?

Sorry, that might be a leap. He may disapprove, but he (so far) objects to efforts to stop it from becoming part of institutional learning in the Granite State or forcing taxpayers to fund it. A point that was reinforced here by Gen. Don Bolduc a few days ago.


Governor Chris Sununu has stated he will veto HB 544 thinking this bill is a violation of 1st Amendment rights and is government intrusion into our classrooms. I disagree, it is a necessary bill to protect our children’s education from further government damage. If we are to save our public school system not one penny of taxpayer money should go to teaching “Critical Race Theory” or any other “theory” where the sole purpose is to demean one race, creed, color or religion in order to elevate another.


In keeping with historical tradition, the Left’s Political Race Theory serves another purpose. Having dehumanized a people, it becomes easier to mistreat them (at your convenience) or to ignore bad treatment by proxies for “the good of a nation.”

That’s how it worked for Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and all socialists. If you think their modern-day ideological fan club is incapable of the great leap backward, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise in the name of the next great leap forward.